Losing My Mudder Cherry – Tough Mudder 2014

Tough Mudder 2014

Lost my mudder cherry under 4 hours

I won’t lie – I’ve been nervous this week (Lead up to TM) and every email that has arrived has freaked me out!!

It’s 16:25 Saturday 2nd August.

Less than 24 hours until we cross the start line at Tough Mudder – Yorkshire.

I’ve distracted myself today with my boot camp this morning, 2 clients and then paperwork this afternoon.  I followed this by a bath and chilling out doing puzzles – but each time I do something the same thing happens, I distract myself for a few minutes and then the butterflies come back and I start to feel sick again.  So it has been suggested I start to write a blog.

I know we have trained hard for the event, and that we are stronger and fitter than ever, but the task ahead is daunting. I do not have doubt in my ability, in our ability to run the course.  I am not expecting to walk around any obstacles – no matter how much they freak me out, I intend to tackle every one.

So why do I feel like this?  I have felt nervous since around Tuesday and felt sick since about 10am yesterday morning.

Fear of the unknown….

19:51 pm Saturday 2nd August. 12 Hours until we set off, 15 hours to warm up!

Clothes laid out, spare clothes, towel and baby wipes packed.  Sat Nav ready – Video camera charged and spare memory cards safe.  I managed to distract myself with cooking tea and watching a little telly, I’ve also got stuff ready for work on Monday, but now I’m getting the last bits ready and getting ready for bed, the nerves have come back.

Hey ho – This time tomorrow it will all be over!

07:54am Sunday 3rd August – Tough Mudder day!

In the car Feeling better this morning, I’ve been distracted by getting ready, making sure I have everything.  Breakfast was a challenge, for something that would give me energy – I’m intolerant to wheat, gluten, egg and milk protein (mainly) so I settled for a big portion of ratatouille and corn beef, with a hemp protein shake to follow.  Topped up on pasta and veg stir-fry last night.   I have a snack in the car of a banana and gluten free oat biccies for an energy boost in a few hours before we set off.

Stomach is not very settled – but – I’m starting to feel EXCITED!!

My next update will be after the mud!

17:22 Post Mud – being driven home.

OMG We did it!  We crossed the finish line at 14:55 making our time just under 4 hours.  Still in shock that we just did that and we really worked hard.

Achy, tired, head ache starting.. but over all I’m proud!!  Proud of both me and Neil.  I was virtually pushed to my limits today, psychologically and physically, but I didn’t let that stop me.

The electric shocks were painful and after the 4th one I didn’t want to carry on.. but I did.  The 10 foot wall was difficult because it was slippery at the top – which freaked me out, I thought I was going to fall, but on third attempt the guys got me over and I’m pleased to say I did it! Jumping off the plank (15 into water 4m deep) I was amazed and proud that I kept so calm – mainly by not looking and just running when he gave me the nod! But I did it!

There is no point me going through the obstacles as such because as we ran the course, we went past fit men who were struggling more than me, people freaking out over obstacles that I thought were a breeze and other people flying over obstacles that I struggled with.

My advice to you, if obstacle courses are your goal is to train in every different way you can.  Strength, distance running, hill sprints, outdoor terrain running, climbing fences/walls/gates, monkey bars (kids parks are full of hidden gems for training) dangle from things, core strength, functional movements, full body exercises, TRICEPS! Swimming, squat jumps, power training.  Don’t under estimate anything.

Aim to be able to run half the distance of the course, then concentrate on sprints, hill sprints especially.  Hill sprints are THE best training we did for both Yorkshire Warrior and Tough Mudder.   Those muddy hills are so much easier to get up if you can run them!

Leg strength – Leg press, squats, lunges, squat jumps, anything to challenge your quads to help you get through the mud and climb the hills and muddy ditches.

Upper body strength – Pull ups, Triceps dips and press-ups.  Your triceps are working harder than your biceps – make sure they are strong.  Every time you lift yourself over an obstacle it’s your triceps that are pushing you up.  You don’t have to be able to do full pull ups, but the more you can pull yourself up rather than relying on others to get you over, the easier it will be and the more in control you will be.

Endurance – even the shorter events will take time to get round.  For 10 – 12 mile events you are looking at around 4 hours to complete, (unless you are fitter) so you need to be able to keep going for this length of time (even if it’s walking!)

And Finally – Team Work.  Be prepared to need the help of others, and likewise, be prepared to help others.  There was only me and Neil today in our team, but we needed the help of others on certain obstacles, and likewise, we helped others.

11:04 Monday 4th August – Feeling tired, but surprisingly well.  (Not looking forward to tomorrows aches)

Please with my distance, as I have a problem with my IT band (Knee to my hip).  My knee didn’t start hurting until 7 miles in, (New record for me!)  So far today I haven’t needed my knee strap – so my leg is definitely getting stronger.  Still in shock a little, still freaked out about a few of the things we did (especially from watching back the video footage) but no doubt once I settle we will be signing up for it again next year!

My final advice?  If you want it – go for it, but prepare to work for it!  I’ve proved something to myself this weekend – and I’m proud!



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