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Cheque presentation

You can now follow our Charity work here

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Announcing our NEW - Charity work page

You can now follow our Charity work here

Lands End to John O Groates

Join our team to help us complete this challenge
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New Year Body Blast (online) Challenge

Check out our Facebook page Events and join us for our New Year New You challenge. If you have missed this one don't worry, keep checking back for future events.

Our team is growing, we have a new Personal Trainer
Please welcome Diane to our team. She is offering FREE consultations. WELCOME Diane!
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Charity Head Shave - £742.96 Raised
My reasons for deciding to shave my head for Macmillian Cancer..

Treat yourself, or someone you love to a healthier happier lifestyle.
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Race for Life 2015
Race for Life 2015 I ran Race for Life again in 2015 with 4 of my clients, Uzma, who has new to running, and Rachel one of my newer clients finished in record times - Sarah and Diane bringing in similar times to last year. Well done ladies!!
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Race for Life 2015 I ran the Asda 10k with Team James to raise money for a Tobii Eye Gazer for James - collectively we raised £1120.86.
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Popped my Tough Mudder Cherry!
Find out how I got on in the lead up to Tough Mudder and how tough it actually was by reading my latest blog...

Client Success! Mark Blagg
Mark Blagg Success Story With a once in a lifetime trip to Thailand and Australia, Mark set himself a challenge to climb 1439 steps up the to the very top of Sydney Bridge to overlook the skyline of Sydney harbour.
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Race for Life 2014
Race for Life 2014 Race for Life 2014 was a massive milestone for 3 of my clients, my mum Diane , Sarah and Sapphire. They each did really well and smashed their own PB by completing it in user 40 minutes. Well done ladies!
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Optimise your fitness and weightloss with Lorisian Food Itolerance Test
I am now a practitioner for Lorisian food intolerance testing. It is believed that 80% or more people suffer with food 'Intolerance' (Not allergy) and don't know about it...

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas

Hi, my name is Beki Amanda, I am a female Personal Trainer in Hull and surrounding areas including but not limited to:

Beverley, Hessle, Anlaby, Willerby, Cottingham, Woodmansey, Skirlaugh, Bilton, Preston, Hedon and Paull. (If you live outside this area, please contact me to discuss options)

I work mainly from my Fitness Studio on Craven Street, but can also train people from home or a local park. I offer a free no obligation consultation before you make any decisions.

I see Personal Training as a way of guiding and education people on the most effective way for them to get to the results they want, it’s different for every person.

So we spend time looking at what you’re eating, talking about ways to improve your lifestyle in a sustainable way, and a way to lose weight with realistic goals.

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TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is a revolutionary way to build up your core strength, muscular strength and endurance. It’s also fantastic for improving your balance and co ordination.

The photos below will give you an idea what is involved.  These are just a few of the moves, which in themselves can be made very basic, or very advanced.

Using body weight and gravity as your tool, you can adjust the exercises to your level by adjusting your feet position, the closer your feet are to the anchor point (where the TRX is attached), the harder the exercises will be. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with the suspension trainer, ranging from absolute beginner to very advanced.

Using this one piece of equipment, you can perform a full body work out, which in my opinion is more effective then using weights machines if performed correctly. No matter what your level of fitness - I can challenge and push your body in ways you never thought possible from just a couple of straps!

Beki doing core exercises with her client, LisaBeki doing core exercises with her client, Lisa

Beki demonstrating to Rick a TRX exerciseRich trying an advanced TRX exercise

Not sure where to go with it?  I can write you a training plan specifically for TRX.

What the TRX Suspension Trainer can do:

  •    Full body workout in a short period of time
  •    Builds core strength with every exercise performed
  •    Increases muscular strength and endurance
  •    Benefits people of all fitness levels

For more information on TRX and where it originated from,
click on the link below

TRX Suspension Training


TRX Fitness plans and Personal Training available at my Fitness Studio

For a 1 hour lesson on the TRX - £25

Training plans are available in 5 levels,

  1. Absolute beginner,
  2. Beginner,
  3. Intermediate,
  4. Early Advanced stage,
  5. Very Advanced

The plan will include a free consultation and a taster on the TRX to see what level of fitness you are currently at.

1 day plan - £25

Includes a fully body work out, and 30 mins with me to run through it

2 day plan - £30

Includes upper / lower body split program, and 45 mins with me to run through it

3 day plan - £35

Includes upper / lower / core split program, and an hour with me to run through it